The quality of any relationship depends upon meeting expectations. This is the foundation of the service we provide to all our clients. It also drives how we turn their needs and preferences into results. Our deep understanding of our home market, as well as those within the region and further afield, help us to live up to their expectations and generate the returns they seek.

With three exchanges in two cities, and almost 125 listed stocks, the UAE’s equity market is complex both geographically and structurally.

It is limited in terms of daily turnover and is susceptible to economic buffeting from the region and globally. While DFM was the lowest performing GCC market in 2018, ADX came out its second-best.  According to the IMF, the UAE’s GDP is expected to grow 3.7% in 2019.

ADC – Al Dhabi Capital Limited can navigate both the challenges and the opportunities of UAE equities through our UAE Select investment strategy to provide our clients with a clear path to grow their local investments.

Coverage of the major MENA equity markets is something ADC – Al Dhabi Capital Limited does in its stride.

The GCC makes up around 4% of the MSCI Emerging Markets Index after Saudi Arabia’s inclusion in 2018. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait remain best placed with a positive overall trend for 2019, despite increased volatility. Other key regional markets such as Egypt and Turkey provide their own growth opportunities that we build into our MENA Select investment strategies.

The region’s overall, long-term prospects remain favourable, driven by major reform plans, government spending, privatization of government assets, and promising demographics that are expected to bolster demand for consumption and services.

ADC – Al Dhabi Capital Limited is among the few UAE-based firms able to deliver insights and capitalise on opportunities in these regional markets.

Stocks, along with bonds, oil, and gold, broadly lost value in 2018. The MSCI World Index fell 10%—only its second annual loss in the past decade. Trade wars disrupted global growth, and the prospects of Brexit has impacted the UK economy and is also likely to influence European momentum.

The IMF cut its global growth forecast for 2019, due to significant geopolitical uncertainty, the risk of US Fed raising rates, a fear of the economic cycle peaking, trade wars between USA and China denting growth expectations and the risk of Brexit and other political uncertainties in the EU.

Finding growth opportunities in a world that is struggling to find stability and economic harmony is what we do. ADC – Al Dhabi Capital Limited has a track record of cutting through the noise and delivering returns on global investments through its Global Long/Short investment strategy.