Some 40% by value of all sovereign wealth funds are controlled within the GCC, and there over 500 family offices each with assets greater than $1 billion in the Middle East. Between them, these entities account for the largest proportion of the region’s investable assets, and they provide an undeniable case for locally-based, high-quality and professionally-managed investment services.

ADC – Al Dhabi Capital Limited has been able to demonstrate its credentials to meet this requirement, for instance with growth of 137% achieved in its MENA portfolio since 2011.


We have a unique position as a global asset manager operating from the UAE.  We are, to a large extent, insulated from the noise of being co-located with our investments. The global equities we invest in are highly liquid and can be an important diversifier for GCC investors.

Our focus on active portfolio management will remain vital in attracting qualified investors, both within the region and globally, and applying our expertise to strengthen and grow their assets over time.